7 to 11 Day Trips

All trips longer than 1.5 days require that all passengers, and crew members, have a valid Passport.

There are several variations on model numbers on Rods and Reels. We’ve listed the model #’s that we feel work best. Some of the preferred rods are Calstar, Seeker, & G Loomis, as well as other quality rods. The reel sizes listed above are Penn sizes. Our preference on reels is Penn, Shimano, Tiburon, Accurate, Avet. Fishing methods are constantly changing, so the wise angler always stays abreast of the latest in techniques and tackle. Consult your favorite tackle store, or give us a call as your trip approaches, for latest updates and information.

RIG #1 Line Size 100# – 130#
Rod Size 6465XXH, 6463XXXH
Reel Size Penn 50SW or 50S, Shimano TI50 LRS,
Accurate ATD 50, or 50 Avet 2-speed
RIG #2 Line Size 80#
Rod Size 6465XH, 6460XH, 760M, 6463XXH
Reel Size Penn 50SW or 50S, Shimano TLD50 LRS
Accurate ATD 30, or Avet 30
RIG #3 Line Size 60#
Rod Size 6465H, 6460H, OR 760M
Reel Size Penn 30S, Accurate ATD 12 or Shimano TLD30
(all 2speeds)
RIG #4 Line Size 50#
Rod Size 6460H, 6465H, 765ML
Reel Size Penn 20T, Shimano TLD20 or Accurate BX2-600
(all 2 speeds)
RIG #5 Line Size 40#
Rod Size 655H,670, 700H
Reel Size Penn 4/0, Accurate BX2-500, Shimano Trinidad 20, Newell 533 or 540
RIG #6 Line Size 30#
Rod Size 670, 870, 700M
Reel Size Avet MXL or JX, Newell 338 or 332, Penn 500


  • Fishing Line – >With the advent of spectra backing and all the different variations of connections the necessity of bringing your own monofilament is no longer a requirement. All of the major line manufactures provide our customers with a high quality product; please feel free to bring your own line if you wish, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 & a leader wheel of 130 LB. is recommended. Because of the nature of shorter top-shots a lot of our passengers find it more convenient to use the boats monofilament. We use Izorline for top-shots, and reel fills on the American Angler. Our crew is very knowledgeable on all the latest techniques for connecting mono to hollow spectra, they will be more than happy to change out your mono top-shots. We recommend 40 – 50 yard top-shot of mono; we use the Sato crimp system & Swifty glue on the spectra to mono connection.
  • Mustad 94150, Bronze Finish; 1/0, 2/0, 4/0, 6/0 Quantity 24 of each
  • Mustad 7691 Big Game; Size 7/0, 9/0 & 11/0 (for squid) Quantity 3 of each
  • Owner Gorilla; Size 4/0 & 6/0; Quantity 10 of each
  • Eagle Claw 2004 or 2005; Size 6/0, 8/0 & 9/0; Quantity 10
  • Super Mutu; Size 5/0 or 6/0; Quantity 10
  • Sinkers – Torpedo; 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16 oz (6 Each).
  • Mackerel Catching Rigs – 3 Each – Owner Octopus 4 Hook or similar.
  • Squid Catchers – 2 Each – medium or large size
  • Leaders – Fluorocarbon can be helpful in picky bites. If you choose to use fluoro, match the line weights you are planning to fish it on.
  • Iron – Salas 6x, Tady 45 or similar – blue and white, dorado, scrambled egg are good colors. Remember, for wahoo and tuna, use a single hook, not treble hooks
  • Trolling Lures – Zucker or Sevenstrand albacore style, Marauder or flash dancer.
  • Wire – 40#, 60#, and 90# Sevenstrand wire with the correct sleeves.
  • Tackle Box – Wood, plastic or soft-pacs to store your tackle.