Seeker Home

What a super nice group of folks that came home this morning.  Once again, thank you to Pat Doyle and it looks like many returnees for next year’s trip!

Congrats to jackpot winners below

1st place     Marlene McClary     217lb (and those guys with her – husband Chris and son, Dane are holding up her 205lber just for fun)

2nd place    Aki Higashi             210lb

3rd place     Ed Morrison           157lb

seeker 14 day 2014

Thanks so much to everyone for coming fishing.

The guys get a short hiatus to spend with their loved ones and friends and then will be back on the ocean December 26th.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours,

American Angler


As we roll our way up the coast through the rain it seems like the last two weeks has flown by. We ended up with a nice catch of fish but the overall success was how everyone aboard meshed together which made the trip. Pat Doyle is definitely one of the nicest and classiest sponsors that we are fortunate enough to have as he certainly leads by example. We would also like to thank Erik from Seeker rods, Tony Garza from Soft Steel Line and Bill Roecker for their generous contributions to the trip.

The guys


We had a lot of fun catching wahoo today but it wasn’t the classic style fishing that we are used to. There was good sign of fish but they were not eager to bite the trolling jigs so we were stopping on machine fish. They put on a pretty good show but we really had to fish for them as they did not aggressively bite. We worked at it all afternoon and ended up with a nice catch of good grade fish. Terry Snell and his buddy Ivan Schwalm show off the average fish but there were many alligators in today’s mix.

The guys


We had no conditions in the morning and we only managed a handful of fish before we started looking around. We saw sign of fish in one of our honey holes and were surprised when we all of a sudden had perfect current conditions. Like we had hoped, the fish responded, started showing around the boat and biting. It was a great change as we enjoyed many moments of multiple fish hooked. The fish were not cows but a respectable stock grade of fish as they were certainly appreciated and enjoyed by all.

The guys

Ground Hog Day

It seemed like ground hog day as we woke up with no conditions. After a morning bite for a handful which included a 210 lber caught by Aki Higashi, we went looking for something to work on and never found anything to work on. We once again waited for the afternoon before we had a shot at cooperative fish. Uncle Larry, Ed Morrison, Ken Cowart and Ron Waltrip took part in this evening’s festivities which included several more success stories.

The guys


We endured another day of fishing with no current. One would think with the extreme tidal movements associated with the full moon there would be some kind of current but we are here to tell you there is not any where we are at. The armchair quarterback is probably thinking that we should drift but with 15 or 18 kts of wind trust us it isn’t ideal. At the end of the day though due to all the hard work put in by everyone we were rewarded with a respectable catch of fish. Our fearless leader Pat Doyle shows off one of the first catches this morning (sorry for the bloody mess… not too good with photo shop) and Marlene did her magic once again with the day’s last fish which was also the biggest at 205lbs.

The guys


We had a good day of fishing as we scratched at both the tuna and wahoo and although it was never easy to get a bite, with a little hard work it was possible. Tuna fishing was tough because there was no current and so it was tough to get a bait out away from the boat but with plenty of soak time it payed off with tuna ranging from 60-120lbs and a 180lb fish taking today’s big fish honors.  Today’s pictures feature Bruce Warmuth who shows how hard work pays off with a decent tuna and when we had some wahoo fishing take up the slack time – Uncle Larry shows off two he got in the same stop (he also landed today’s big tuna).

The weather is still nice with no complaints – we just hope that when we wake up there are decent conditions.

The guys


We got up early in the morning and found that our current conditions changed almost 180 degrees. We saw fish around us and coupled with the fact that one of our crew on watch caught a 200lber in the middle of the night – we decided to give it until daylight to see what conditions would do. They never straightened out and we only caught a few of the stock 70-110lbers, so we picked up the anchor to look around. We had a few wahoo strikes, but never saw a great amount of fish and after a few unsuccessful tries we decided to change zip codes around lunch. We are experiencing great weather, hopes are high and attitudes are excellent which makes for a great combo.

The guys


We were anxious to start fishing this morning as one can imagine because we have been traveling since Saturday morning. As always, the first one hooked is always the toughest but after we got that one out of the way we enjoyed a steady pick for the rest of the day. Do not get me wrong – there were plenty of times when we were dry but with patience, perseverance and hard work… there were bites to be had. The fish were 70-120 lbs on the average but we had several standout 150’s and 170’s topped by Marlene McClary and her 217lb cow. We consider ourselves to be some of the luckiest people alive as it is flat calm and we are surrounded with a boatload of quality folks.

The guys