Joe Machado Memorial Fund

As many of you may know by now, Capt. Joe Machado (The backbone of Everingham Bait Company’s boat operation for the past 30 something years)  lost his battle with cancer a few days ago.  A memorial fund has been established for private support to his wife to help defray the big costs she has upcoming and we encourage anyone who has fished out of San Diego and ever been to the bait barge to make a donation, no amount is too small.  He was a hard working man who dedicated his life to making sure we all had bait, was the best at what he did and put 110% into his livelihood and this donation is what would have meant the most to him.

Make checks payable to:
Joe Machado Memorial Fund
Mail to:
Joe Machado Memorial Fund
c/o American Angler
1403 Scott St.
San Diego, CA  92106

if you want to pay online, go to and use the following email address to send the funds to:

joe machado


We rolled out this afternoon and had great yellowfin tuna action fairly close to home. It is absolutely the best scenario possible for the San Diego Sportfishing fleet and all others involved with the fishing economy. Close to home, good weather and happy customers is what everybody needed as we all hope that this lasts for a few more months.

The guys

Uesugi-Kimura trip returns

The group had a great trip and what a variety of folks from age 11 to well, much older than that.  A big thanks to Matt Salas & Don Kuroye for their generous donation of lures and fluorocarbon which were both key elements this trip!

Congrats to jackpot winners below:

1st place           Jay Preston           77lb tuna

2nd place           Darren Sato         36.5lb tuna

3rd place           Tim Kimura           35.65lb tuna (there were 3 weighing 35.5 so Capt. Patella had to split hairs on a scale that weighed tenths)

Honorable Mention:  Glenn Kono          40lb tuna


ues-kim jp

Thanks to Russ Kimura and a special thanks to Uncle George Uesugi who came down to meet the boat – what a great surprise!

Capt. Kiyohara departed before noon for a 7 day Seeker sponsored trip.  Check back

American Angler

1 spot just opened up on the 7 day trip departing Sun Sept 7


All Done

Again another day of great Sportfishing, it has been awesome having this grade and variety right in our back yard. Today we finished up with some Tuna and now it’s time to break down the gear and prepare for tomorrow’s arrival. Some pics of the bigger tuna this mornings action for you all. Now it’s time to say Thank you to Russ And Michelle (we missed you Uncle George) for being the charter masters on the trip and also every body that comes with this nice group of anglers for sharing the last week together. Thank You. Your Crew,

Sam, Andrew, Brad, Justin, Dave, Josh and Paul. ETA 0600.

Good Night and Over and Out. The guys


jay2Glennuncle russAllenK2lloyd2

Hunting For Better Ones

We did some fishing this afternoon and it was a little slower pace but we did manage to get a few jackpot contenders for the gangs efforts. The biggest was Jays 77 lb Tuna, a few other shots to go with that and also Capt Dave releasing some of the Yellowfin we caught today as well. It’s good to let them grow up to be 300 pounders. More of the same for tomorrow’s action is planned.

Good night and the weather is flat again.

The AA Gang. The guys



As Planned

joed2The MixspassytNickandAndresWell we hit hard this morning, were good to go and it was great action for the gang to finish up on Yellowtail.  More good photos of the gang having some fun. Up we go, now we have to burn up the miles to get above and spend the last couple of days fishing Deep Water.

Wish us luck and hope for more pics tomorrow.

Good Night and so far, it’s a good ride.

The AA Boyz

This Move Worked Out!

Today we fished shallow water and boy It was happening. The gang had a great time on all means of tackle enjoying very good Long Range style fishing. The surface plug, Yoyo and of course, The fly line. Photos of the day show off the grade and yes Nick caught his first Yellowtail. We are going to hang out and try it tomorrow and then you know what I’m going to say, Back offshore!!!

Good night and until tomorrow,

The AA Gang. P.S. Congratulations to Cameron and Paris on your wedding day, we are all thinking of you. Your Boyz.

The guys

Morning Pick

We just gave the local zone a few hours today in order to make our destination in the A.M. The photos of the day are just a few shots of some of the gang. We are going to switch gears for a couple of days and finish up offshore later in the trip.

michelle and timben and andres



Still good weather and liking it. Good night.

The AA Gang. The guys

Darren Sato wants to wish his parents a Happy 50th Anniversary!!


Fun Start of A Trip

Nick1joeddarrensatosamandnicWell yesterday the first afternoon we got on some fish not too far from home to get things going. Today right out of the gate we got after it again and late in the day today we got a few nicer ones to end it when the sun went down. The star of the trip so far is Little Nick with his first tuna’s to start his Sportfishing career, I think he’s stuck with us.

Good night and fingers crossed for the morning,

The AA Gang