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Today’s battle was already half won even before the day started due to the absolute best weather a person could ask for. We scratched out a day on school sized yellowfin tuna and kelp paddy yell... Read More


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Capt. Ray brought back the Kadota 8 day trip with an excellent group of folks and very nice catch of beautiful grade yellowtail and some wahoo and tuna to tie it all together.  A huge thanks to Dann... Read More


After traveling up in choppy weather yesterday, we thought our dues were paid for some good fishing, but that wasn’t  exactly the case  today. Once again we were dealt a very tough hand and we... Read More


Topper Mixing things up a little today we started off with some frisky bass fishing and as you probably know, it’s not everyday you get to throw the plastic and get a bite every cast. However we... Read More


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Entertainment With a beautiful weather window today we took the opportunity to search for a few tuna. We started our long day right at daylight,  had a lot of good water to look at and felt they cou... Read More


Perfection As the action has been on the slower pace the last few days, today we made up for it and put in some serious yellowtail work. Not wasting any time, the gang hit them from every angle top to... Read More