By the skin of our teeth we were able to call this trip a success. We fished for the nicer grade yellowfin and by 9:30 we only had three fish aboard, but through sheer luck we happened to be at the right place at the right time and found a stop where they were biting quickly for an extended amount of time. Everyone aboard landed a couple with some of our hot sticks approaching USA limits.  This stop saved the day

The guys

eta for Yamane charter tomorrow is 6:15am and one more 1.5 day trip signing in at 2pm with a 4pm departure.  Check back for this trip’s report

American Angler

ASHRAE 1.5 charter

We were very fortunate to have the sea condition and weather calm down as by the time the sun came up this morning it was flat calm. We had a steady morning on mixed grade yellowfin tuna with mid morning being best. Things changed around lunchtime when the sign of fish went away and the fleet spread out and started looking around. We got in an area in the afternoon where we were seeing fish that did not want to bite. For some reason unknown to man kind we hit a batch of fish that stuck with the boat for the last couple of hours of the day. Our fearless leader Terry Watkins endured several missed gaff attempts that eventually ended up good by his friend Hugh Egan who is claiming number one of something.

The guys

ETA 6:45

Sept 5 Day trip home

Capt Patella and crew returned this morning with a nice catch and nice folks.  People from different trips joined together for this one and we appreciate everyone coming fishing!

Congrats to jackpot winners below and a pic of the Larson family as well

jp larsons



1st place   Rick “cupcake” Smith         30.5lb tuna

2nd place  Dick “Millie G” Gaydosh      28.5lb tuna

3rd place   Jason Larson                     26.0lb tuna

Honorable Mention:  Bill Hindorff         25.5lb Dorado

Thanks to everyone again!

The guys are off on a string of short trip charters….keep checking in

American Angler

Also check our schedule if you’re able to get away for an 8 or 10 day trip in Oct, Nov because we’ve had a couple of cancellations

Thank you!

The Weather Man Was Right

Well I’d have to say I knew today was going to be challenging with what the forecast had in store for us but that’s part of being a fisherman. The crew did an awesome job finding the ever so hard to see Kelp Paddys. We had a sign on just about each kelp we saw but then the wind really got with it – we picked 12 dorados for the morning. The photo of the day shows off some of the grade swimming around our local waters shown with Billy and Capt Justin in the shot. We’re on the way home now and the Gang is getting ready for some Prime Rib and it’s still choppy but the forecast looks good in the near future. The AA team would to thank all of the players that join us on this 5 day Open and looking forward with fishing with you again. Thank You all so much.

Your Crew, Sam, Ray, Brad, Dave, Justin, Josh and Paul.

ETA 0700

last day

Good Times!

As we see another sunrise on the fishing grounds we think it’s going to be what it was the day before, but things are always different. Right at daylight we got on some fish with no results a couple of times. After the first hour of daylight it was obvious things had moved a couple of miles up the Island. On any other day but today it wouldn’t be a big deal – unless the US navy tells you please leave this area for few hours. So as it was we took in our lines and went fishing Again. We ran up the Island 10 miles or so and found the first school that was very good to us  and supplied  us with San Clemente Cows (25 to 30 lbs). Somehow or another we found a total of three schools of these nice fish to make a day of it. The wind is up right now and looks like we have to fish in tomorrow so we are changing our zip code to do something different.

Good night and sliding downhill,

The AA Gang

Back Up To Speed

Just after daylight we went into the first stop of the day and didn’t move for a few hours. Steady fishing for the gang on 15 to 25 lb Tuna was on the menu, and that’s just what we all got. We ventured off for the afternoon and did not come up empty handed – 2 different stops rounded out the day for us. Will be hitting it hard at daylight again hope for some more fun.

Good Night and loving this Lee of the Island,

The AA gang

Keep working at it

This morning we found a school right out of the gate and picked at the Yellowfin for a couple hours, hooking fish on bait a few on the Yoyo jigs and things seemed to be going our way. We managed to drive around the whole rest of the day with only a few handfuls of fish in 10 hours. The bright side to this story is that there is fish around and tomorrow is another day. When the day was all said and done the gang caught 67 Nice Yellowfin tuna. Hope for more in our future.

Good night,

The AA Gang


Skinny Pirates Return

The guys and gal came home with plenty of pelagics for their end of summer sushi parties and bbques.  A big thanks to Chris Cruger (the hoodies were super nice) and Mas Kosaka for heading up this trip and even though Norbert wasn’t far off, they had beautiful weather on this 7 dayer which always makes a great trip perfect!

Congrats to jackpot winners whose fish were definitely swimming together:

1st         Ron Rinell         44.5lbs

2nd tie   Jerry Sato          44.5lbs

3rd         Walt Nakamura  44.0lbs

skinny jp





The boat departed for a 5 day with some of our favorite people on board including Martha Bummer and company

Check back