Captain Lopez is in charge this trip and Ken’s Custom Reel trip is underway.  Looks like smooth sailing – check back for reports in a few days.

American Angler


Capt. Kiyohara brought home this Avet trip early in the morning with the group of good friends which becomes more evident with each passing year –  even the few that couldn’t make it this year met the boat today to be here for the unloading.

See jackpot fish below and  pictured two of those good friends – Gordo and Planet:

1st place:  Jake Waardenburg       279lb

2nd place:  Eric Mulay                  277lb

3rd place:  Gordon Brofft               226lb


avet jp

gordo planet



Talked to the boat today and they wanted to let everyone know that the weather is not horrible and they are on their way home.

American Angler


We had a therapeutic day catching school sized tuna with a few over 100lbs and led by Jan Howard’s 150lb + tuna.  We are breaking down gear and heading up to try and get a jump on the weather.

The Guys


It always seems like there is a never ending list of challenges that we face daily. Finding the fish, lockjaw, bait not biting to name a few.  Today the wind event that you all dealt with back at home has reached the fishing grounds as bad as it was advertised.  Landing fish in these adverse conditions is extremely tough, but we made it through with very few heartbreaks as luck was definitely on our side. Planet landed a 251 and Jan Howard (pictured) did an incredible job landing a quality fish on sardine gear in 25 kts and severe sea condition. We certainly hope the forecast is downgraded as we are looking in the face of some very choppy weather.

The guys



Another tough day on the grounds as when it looks like things are going to get going the fish just stop biting. We scratched just a few throughout the day and had a little dark time deal that really helped the cause. Pat,Gordo,and Jeff show a few of the handfull we got with Gordo’s 226 being the days largest. The guys


Tough fishing once again as lots of rail time was necessary to catch a fish. We looked at fish all day on the machines but there were periods of time where we would have nothing hooked. Jake Waardenburg has had the hot hand all trip and he shined again today with a 279lb beauty. The guys