We opened up a 1.5 day trip departing Wed. June 22 – Fri June 24.   Reserve a spot online, email office@americananglersportfishing.com, text or call Lori at 619 223 5414.

All of our other short trips are full, so snatch up a spot or two or three and come fishing!!!!



Our good friend Bob Hara was aboard for this weekend’s 1.5 day trip …. pinched his report as he always has a way with words – thanks for everything Bob!


Morning Sports Fans 

We returned yesterday AM from the 2nd 1 ½ Day Shake Down Trip of 2016 aboard the American Angler.    It was really cool to see a bunch of folks from this email list signed up for the trip. 

It was Blowing Windy on the outside for our trip, so we fished along the Beach.  Tons of Red Crab and Finbait in the zone made it tough to get the Tuna to bite.  It was like the Same Scenario where you go to your Favorite Restaurant  and stuff your face Eating a 5 course Meal and the Waiter comes to up to you and asks “Would you like Any Desert?” 

Gentlemen Ben Okazaki with the 66 lb Jackpot Bluefin Tuna – that Pig coughed up a Grip of Red Crab



Mike Millard on an Deep Dropped Iron



The Ave of the fish were in the 50 – 60 lb Class.  The Bait Sinker Deal and Mega Baits worked well with the Tuna staying in that 150 – 200 Ft Zone


Congrats to Ben Okazaki and Don Morita for bagging their 2 fish limits on BFT.  As one of my good friends Said “The Rich kept Getting Richer” !


As usual Mrs. Hara and I met a bunch of great new friends on the trip.  It is amazing how many Good folks I have met on the Angler Life Long Friends for sure.


Many Thanks to Brian and the Crew, and Big Thanks to the Big Boss Lori for all of her help organizing the trip making us all feel like Family. 


Fishing with the Ohana. 


Bob Hara






5-14-2016 fish report

Gotta earn it!

We headed out last night on early season day and half trip, and the last couple days the reports of yellow seemed to good. We started the day off finding a few schools that didn’t want anything to do with us and by lunchtime we had a 1 fish after stopping the boat on several schools, oh boy! Some things never change around here that is to say we didn’t give up. This afternoon we got even with those Yellowtail and ended our day with 38 fish. The gang worked hard for every fish and it turned out ok. Thank you all so much.

The AA Crew

ETA 0530






The guys returned this morning from this last 14 day trip of the season.  It is such a pleasure when the boat isn’t turning around to be on the dock with everyone joking and laughing and reminiscing.  They had a beautiful catch and there were regulars who came down to meet the boat and help lighten the passengers’ fish load.


1st   Greg Stoney       205lbs

2nd  Galen Steward    201lbs

3rd tie    Charlie Shaffer & Glenn Kuromi    198lbs

Honorable mention Tony Duprey  225lbs


And we had a record breaking event this morning…..it must have really been cold in Oceanside


We have a 1.5 day trip departing this Friday that still has a few spots….Bluefin offshore or yellowtail down the beach, either way it’s a nice weekend on the water on the American Angler!





As we know when we come down to fish for trophy yellowfin tuna it comes down to our timing and playing the cards we are dealt. Lucky for us even though the last couple of days have been tough overall we were dealt some good hands. The guys that were down here the round before us had it pretty tough but thanks to them they narrowed down where not to go so we were able to drive right to them. As we travel up we’re happy about the nice catch aboard but the real success is when I walked into the galley before dinner and the volume was at a low roar. Everyone aboard even though all different shapes and sizes meshed into one cohesive unit and became one which makes this trip the biggest success of all. The guys



We woke up this morning and found that our conditions had changed and for whatever reason, the bottom line is that we just could not connect the dots. The fish we did find were smaller grade and the few bigger fish we did hook managed to get away. The old saying of ” if you go to enough ball games you will sit in every seat” was very true as we weren’t quite in the nosebleeds but we definitely were not behind home plate. The guys


The saying that hard work pays off pretty much sums up the fishing that we have been doing the last few days. Soaking many baits before one finds that perfect swimmer,the right timing and just simply a little luck is what it takes to be part of the riches at the end of the story. Greg Stoney caught the days largest with a 204.5 and Glenn Kuromi was right there with one that weighed 198lbs. The guys





Pretty much Groundhog Day which in this case is not a bad thing. Good weather as we scratched away on an amazing grade of fish with the afternoon pretty much falling on its face as the life went away. This hasn’t been a great trip for cows but the mid to high one hundreds sure make each and every battle a good one. Tony Dupree landed this trips largest so far with a 227. The guys