It was our day today

After a long day yesterday – that will all be forgotten at tonight’s dinner. We had a very good day of fishing on good grade Yellowtail with a few school tuna mixed in the catch. Today’s photo is of Mr Wayne and an old deckhand I used to have work for me. (Haha). Moving up tonight and good night,

The guys

7-6-2015 fish

Long dayphoto2

We had high hopes of getting a good start on our Tuna catching today, however we did fish Tuna all of the day. We had a good spread of the long range boats out with us on the hunt but some days you get em, and other days you try all day. We had one stop for 3 troll fish and a bait fish but after that the only fish caught the rest of the afternoon was Randy’s Yellowtail off a kelp late in the day. The good news to this story is we have lots of Time. Good night, and fish look out tomorrow.

The guys

7-5-2015 fish.

Getting an early start

With all the good fishing going on close to home we had to try our luck to start this Salas 5 day trip off. The gang had a good time getting all the kinks out and without a doubt these guys didn’t get a nap this afternoon like a usual departure. Today’s pick is one of Bob’s Yellowtail with a bit of action in the background. We are rolling down the coast and hope for some good luck tomorrow. I just wanted to give kudos to Capt. Taro on the San Diego, Myself and Brian can’t tell you how proud we are to see one our boys getting after it catching fish and doing a good job of it.

Good night, Out!

The guys


Calstar 5 day returned with plenty of catch for everyone’s family & friends 4th of July party.  Again thanks to Glenn Kuromi – not able to join the guys this trip – and Norm Fujimoto for stepping up.

Congrats to JP winners:

1st place:  Steve Shiba           30lb yft

2nd place:  Steve Brunton       24lb yt

3rd place:  George Iwashita      23.5lb yft

calstar 5 day jp

Tomorrow’s trip, Salas/Triart, will sign in at 7am and depart as soon as everyone shows up

Enjoy a happy and safe 4th of July –

Thanks to everyone and we’ll see you next time!

American Angler



We ended up the trip fishing local for yellowtail and it was good. Sometimes we just fish where the fishing is best even if it’s close to home. We ran out of fishermen before we ran out of fish as a lot of the guys were satisfied early and started breaking down their gear. Anthony Hernandez and Ivan Schwalm have the smiles that prove this point. Calstar rods once again put on a good show on this “regular” infused trip as the base of the group comes back every year. Thanks to Leon and Pat from Calstar rods ,Matt from Salas lures, Joey fromTady lures,and Steve from Izorline for setting up this years pro staffer Norm Fujimoto with plenty of give aways. Special thanks to Calstar pro staffer Glenn Kuromi as his presence was missed but always felt.

The guys



We had a great day of fishing on yellowfin tuna as we were lucky and found a batch of fish that really wanted to go. It was the kind of stop where they were free swimming all over and getting a bite was instantaneous. We took advantage of this great fishing and now moving up to catch a few yellows for our last day. Pictured is our group of guys enjoying an early dinner and good times.

The guys


We covered a lot of good country looking for signs of yellowtail on the beach. With the combination of good weather and historic areas it seemed like it would be easy to get on the fish. Like most good things it takes effort but after lunch we finally found where they were hiding. We had some action and everyone caught a few and we did show a little reward for the effort. Father son combos are always a special thing as Bryson and Steve Dow are no exception to this rule.

The guys


When we were rolling down we told ourselves that we would be satisfied with 30-50 fish as we tried to locate a new area of fish. With the help of a few boats we narrowed down an area by the afternoon and enjoyed great fishing. The average fish was 12-18lbs which provided great action as our goals were not only achieved but were topped significantly. Ralph Moreno and his guys from the fire dept were part of our beloved regulars who took advantage of this fun fishing.

The guys


Local fun

With the offshore scene having some kinks it needs to work out, we opted to spend the day down the beach focusing on some user friendly yellows. As the wind blew on the outside we were fortunate to enjoy fun fishing and good weather throughout the day with certain parts of the day having its highs and lows.  The gang had awesome opportunities to enjoy yellowtail fishing at its best with multiple visual bites as well as fast ones- which kept smiles going around.  Here are a few shots of day with team Bishop who used amazing teamwork and Brian Le both showing their quality fish.


The Gang


Report to come tonight – sounds like a nice day of fishing!

5:30 eta and see Emma Clark below – Nice one Emma!

5 day Calstar trip departs tomorrow – sign in 7-9am