Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show – it was definitely one of the best shows we’ve ever attended and everyone we talked to agreed.  It makes it worthwhile to have people stop by that we only get to see once or twice a year!

The photos below are the before of the before and after on the bathroom remodels!


bathroom remodel 1 bathroom remodel 2

Out Of The Blocks

It was a quick haul out this year – clean up the bottom, survey the boat, coast guard inspection, paint the bottom and back to the dock. Work grinds to a screeching halt as we all head up to Long Beach for a week and then round 2 of boat work begins. She is getting a partial indoor facelift…bathroom remodel(woohoo!), upholstery and wifi has finally caught up with us – to be installed before the April 14 day trip upcoming.

Come see us at the American Angler booth at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach next week from Wed March 5 – Sunday March 9. Stop by to shoot the breeze about a trip you already did or look at an upcoming trip that you want to take or talk fish, bait, tackle….that’s what makes the show a good time!



Thank you everyone for an amazing season – we are so grateful for you all!!

American Angler

It Was A Barn Burner

When the boat backed in this morning – it was great to see everyone that came to greet their “people”. They began unloading fish and wow, they had some beasts ….all in excellent shape.
An always gigantic shout out of appreciation to our friend, Ken Corwin, who keeps the dream alive (along with Wes) on his 2.5, 7, 12 and 14 day trips!!
Everyone on this trip was a winner, but the jackpot recipients are below:

1st place Ken Corwin 269lb yft
2nd place Zeke Harloff 273lb yft
3rd place Mike Barrera 281lb yft

Kens 14 day jp2kens 14 day jp

Now it should be time for a well deserved rest for these guys – and they will be going home at night after long days in the boatyard – but they are hauling out next week which will keep them busy. There are some major projects slated for boat work this year including wi-fi install and a redo on the bathrooms – so check back for progress.
They will be taking a week off from boatwork (March 5 – 9) during which time they will be trading in their Dickie pants for dress slacks to say hi to everyone at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show….so stop by!

American Angler

And everyone that was on Ken’s trip – enjoy your sushi/poke/or whatever your flavor is…!!

Grand Finale

We have had the good fortune of great weather and outstanding fishing this entire trip. Today was our last day and we couldn’t ask for a better note to end this trip on…there were lots of bites and the opportunity to catch was there.
We had tuna from 110 – 195lbs and 5 more cows to wrap it up. Clyde with a 200lber on the dot, Harold Guy had a 202.5, Joe Rubio a 222,
Jay Love is bringing home a 243.5 and Zeke topped the charts with a 273.
We are heading up the line and looking forward to seeing everyone back at the dock.

The Guys

Another Beautiful Day In More Than One Way

The weather continues to be perfect for us this trip and today we were able to catch a few of those cows that we were hoping for:
John Wilson had a 202.5, Troy Downey a 215, Clyde-Bobby Wickham a 237, our very own Ken Corwin with a 269 and leading the parade again is newcomer Mike Barrera with a 281.
Everyone else gratefully enjoyed fishing 120 – 170lbers!

The Guys

Miss Marianne

Today was a fresh start in a new area and we were able to get settled in and make a day of it. We landed tuna from 150 – 206lbs….with the talk of the boat being our sweetheart angler, Marianne Harris, who caught a 204 and a 206lber!!
Our weather is nice and we have high hopes for tomorrow.

The Guys


Again today we enjoyed nice action on 70 – 110lb tuna, with big fish honors going to Mike Barrera for a 180lber. The weather is great and while we appreciate the grade fish that we have been catching, we are moving on in hopes of a trophy or two.
Everyone is doing fine