Things Are Just Going Our Way

Not much to say about today other than we picked up this morning where we left off yesterday. This morning started off in the dark with light winds and we happened to be in the right spot at the right time again. The fish this morning were the 100 to 200lb plus.  I did have time to take a few shots for todays photos of Ken, Rocky and Brian. These past few days have been awesome and we’re feeling very blessed with all this good luck.  We are making a move and will be traveling for the next few days, so will check in later.

Living the dream.

Good night,

The AA Teamphoto 1 ken corwin Brian Greene


Our day!

Today was one of those days you hear about in your local tackle shops and would hope to see on your next long trip. We had a stop on 100 to 190 lb Yellowfin that lasted around 4 hours. In a nut shell we have been blessed with good luck and very good fishing on this trip – we are going to spend the morning here and start our voyage home, and we most likely will have a few hours to break the trip up somewhere along the track. The photo of the day is Scott with just one of his tuna caught today and to be honest with you during our good stop today there was no time to take a few pictures, we were on the ropes.

Good night, over and out!

The AA Team

Putting it together

We have a couple of days under our belt and fishing seems to be holding up down here in the lower Latitudes. Today we spent most of the day trying for some bigger models and were lucky to get a little bit of a go around on 150 to 207 lb. tuna.

The weather has been very good to us and we hope for some more good luck in our near future and that’s all we can ask for tonight.

Good night,

The AA Gang

Traveling Down

We have been underway for the last couple of days and today the gang got to come out and get a few lines wet in the morning. We only spent a short time trying to get some lunch fish and with a little bit of luck we’ll be having some fish dinners. The photos of the day are of Tony holding his 82 lb Wahoo with the assist by Rocky. Also a shot of the gang right before sundown. We got some more miles to go and will report in a couple of days. Loving the weather & good night,

The AA Gang


What a nice catch this 8 day trip came home with – wahoo, tuna, yellowtail – a perfect traditional “fall variety catch”.

congratulations to jackpot winners and check out the Wahoo group shot – everyone is going home well stocked!

1st place   Gary Augustine      61lb Wahoo

2nd place   Chuck Kelman        50lb Wahoo

3rd place     Ken Mochizuki         47.5lb Wahoo

mochi jp wahoo group




Thank you all!

American Angler

Wrap it up

This is going to sound like a broken record, again a nice ride from last night to today’s fishing area. This morning we only had a couple of hours to target frying pan fish and I would have to say it wasn’t all the impressive, however we don’t usually catch Yellowtail when targeting Bottom grabbers. The photo of the day is of Paul with one of the three Yellows caught while targeting other species. Bound for home now and all the rods are bundled up and they got a bubble bath of course the gang watched all the football games today or just picked up a book for the ride. We had some good luck the last few days and put together a nice trip with a very good group of anglers. Thanks to Paul and Ken and friends for making this trip a good one.

Thank you all so much.   Your Crew,

Sam, Ray, Dave, Andrew, Brad, Nick and Paul

ETA 0530


Boat’s eta tomorrow morning is 0530 and will be departing on Tues morning 11/11 for a 12 day trip – sign in will be at 6am for an 8am departure.  Thank you!

check back for final boat report

American Angler

What a nice day to be fishing

We spent most of the morning just running up to find some gorgeous scenery. The first few spots we hit were pretty slow so we had to just keep at it to find what we were looking for, and late afternoon we managed to find a little area for the guys to stay busy at the rail with their Yoyo jigs and get some of the nicer grade fish we like to target on these trips. We are going to move up again tonight and the weather is still nice.

Good night,

The AA Gang

Living the dream

We continue to have good weather and good fishing. Today we spent the morning and mid day hitting some of the shallows on the Ridge that produced nice grade of Tuna and also as a nice surprise more Wahoo for the Gang.  Doug is back showing off his Tuna for the morning with Capt Brad and of course Capt Arndt and Rick trolling it up in the photos of the day.

Good night and were moving up!

The AA gang