We started out the morning scratching the perfect grade yellowfin tuna which averaged 120-160lbs with a couple of trophies.  We were on a great pace till just before lunch when it fell on its face. With the current changing we adjusted as well and saw excellent sign of fish but it just never came together as they would not bite. With this sign around we are encouraged that tomorrow we have a chance for a big day. Today’s pictures are of a couple of veterans doing their thing. Kub Ito is tugging on one that weighed 230 lbs and Ralph Mikkelson at 84 years young still puts a hurt to the fish. Glenn Bummer has had the hot hand all trip continued his streak with a 266lb beauty which was today’s largest fish. The guys



We had high hopes for this mornings pre dawn bite but it was different than our previous day. Once we were situated, there was a good amount of tuna on us immediately but they were that 30-50 lb grade. With all that life around us, we only managed 8 bites and landed 6 of those better grade fish that weighed 100-190 lbs.  On the bright side we had lots of action and all the smaller fish were released unharmed. After daylight we did not see enough sign to stay as we are busting a move with our fingers crossed.

The guys

We lost our good friend and longtime passenger, Frank Hess, last week.  We will miss him and as Ken Corwin put it best, his “bigger than life” personality and wanted to share the link below for the many American  Angler passengers that fished with Frank over the years.


The Guys


We had a real deal in the dark before daylight bite this morning as we had 6-8 going at once. The average grade of fish was an impressive 120-160lb and they were biting quick. Once the smoke cleared, we had a deckload that was highlighted by Gordon Brofft’s 237, Galen Steward’s 206, and Glenn Bummer’s 170. Unfortunately for us after daylight the only grade of fish we could find was 30-50lb fish and a few wahoo as we hope for a repeat tomorrow morning.

The guys
gordo, glenn and soso with big fish


photo6We arrived on the grounds mid morning and were greeted with pretty good conditions along with pretty good sign of fish but they were not quite the grade that we are looking for. Most of the fish we saw were 30-50lbs, but we did have some shots at better ones right before dark. Unfortunately there was a shark presence which caused us to lose several good ones – we have some time to figure this place out.

With the help of Brad and new crewmember Jeff, Robin LeMaster shows off one of the nicer fish taken this afternoon along with a few other 125-135lb fish landed.

The guys


Traveling down we experienced rain and east wind last night as we are still dealing with unstable weather. Throughout the day it is getting nicer as the guys downstairs are switching from wahoo mode to the big gear. We have seen many pictures of wahoo throughout the years and today’s picture of Glenn Bummer and crewman Brian Pifer is at the top of the list. The guys

glenn bummer hoo


This years wahoo fishing at the Stones has just flat out been unprecedented. No way to describe today’s fishing other then we got over the hump. Somehow in our sport boat fishing careers whenever we catch more than 100 of anything it is a self explanatory definition of good fishing. Best buddies Gordo and Planet were all smiles as was our traveling vacationer from Alaska Jeff Milton. The guys

planet and gordo jeff


The Accurate Gang came home today with a beautiful catch of tuna and wahoo.   Thanks again to Gary Teraoka, for being such a great rep, and to Jack Nilsen, who meets the trip every year – he is a class act.

Congrats to jp winners

1st place:      Tom Mato       222lb yft

2nd place:     Dom Reale      205lb yft

3rd place:     Ed Flocken       203lb yft

accurate jp

Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone next year

American Angler



We spent our last day of the trip on the beach looking for yellows just because we had a little extra time and the weather was great.  We never got into hot and heavy action but we did manage to get a few and it broke up the ride home. Gary Teraoka of Accurate reels once again put on a great show as I am sure there will be lots of repeat customers for next years voyage. We would like to thank Jack from Accurate, Calstar rods, Izorline, Baja Fish Gear, Swifty and Salas lures for all the goodies and gifts that were passed out on this year’s trip.

The guys



Today we enjoyed nice weather as we traveled up the line. In the afternoon we had the final rounds of our annual 31 tournament. John Yarborough was this years champion with Matt Bruce and Captain Andrew Viola winning second and third place. Winner of the losers bracket was new crewman Brian (Landfill) Pifer all of which received some sort of Accurate gear. Also pictured is tournament director Tom Mato and sponsor Gary Teraoka. The guys