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Home The Penn group returned this morning with a great catch of wahoo, tuna and a gorgeous almost 50lb yellowtail.  Thanks to Jeff Ingram who filled in for Steve Carson and distributed all the goodie... Read More


Bound Home! Been traveling up the last couple of days and now we are on the last leg toward home. The weather was a little bumpy yesterday but we managed to push through it into a calmer sea state. T... Read More


Good Action. We changed zip codes today and got into some Tuna fishing which was just what the doctor ordered. We did catch a few handfuls of Wahoo to go with it, but for all general purposes we were... Read More


Picking Really more of the same today for us, along with some Yellowtail action in the dark. The weather has been a little testy the past couple of days but we have been able to pick away at these ni... Read More


Get it going. Been traveling the last couple days and got started soaking some lines today around lunchtime. All in all we picked away pretty good at these Wahoo throughout the afternoon till dark, no... Read More


Wahoo! The jackpot picture speaks for itself – they had great fishing, nice folks and fabulous weather on the backside of the trip.  Thanks to everyone who came fishing on this open 8 day trip ... Read More