It’s Almost Time!

The off season for the American Angler has flown by quickly.  After a successful week at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show in March – they came back to San Diego and dove headfirst into boat work.  Brian, Sam, Ray, Andrew, Brad, Justin, and Landfill are getting down, getting dirty and getting after it.

This years maintenance consisted of more work to her cardiovascular health than plastic surgery.  They have been rebuilding ships important systems so she is mechanically sound and will finish off with painting and buffing for some exterior TLC.

Because they are still in boat work mode and have a deadline of May 2nd (date of departure for upcoming 14 day trip), they will not be open for exhibiting Day at the Docks.

Also the schedule page now has spots available up for those of you that haven’t had a chance to book a trip yet or want to see possible dates

Thank you and we can’t wait to roll into this 2015 season!


American Angler





jpCapt. Ray brought home Ken’s Custom Reels 14 day trip with a productive catch of tuna and wahoo.  Thanks as always to our good friend Ken Corwin for his generous giveaways and the extra personal touch he brings to his trip

Congrats to jackpot winners below

1st place           Marianne Randall              233lbs

2nd place          Steve Sowden                   205lbs

3rd place          Mike Hogan                        202lbs



This is a wrap until the May 2nd 14 day trip (which just had a spot open up today).  Now it’s time for the Long Beach Fred Hall Show (March 4-9) and then some tlc to the Angler

Thanks everyone!


American Angler


Capt. Ray checked in tonight from the bridge.  They had exciting wahoo fishing today – he said it was the crazy, frantic fishing that was a great way to wrap up the trip.  They’re headed home – good weather and everyone is doing well.

American Angler

Back to reality

After sitting on cloud nine from last nights bite the morning anticipation was killing us. As the first handful of better grade 60-120 fish hit the deck, we thought we were right on track but the fish played a familiar disappearing act shortly after the initial hit. We decided to take a break from the tuna scene and put jigs in the water to mix it up with a little wahoo fishing and we didn’t exactly set the world on fire but it was a nice way to break up the day. Now with wahoo on the brain we are moving up the line to try and get some revenge on those sneaky skins.

Wiring up

The guys

On the upswing

After making an overnight run to what we hoped would be our new home, a guardian angel looked over us because boy was it ever. With encouraging sign of hooking fish right at daylight, the positivity was running high amongst the gang. Before the fish took a morning break, Marianne Randall showed everyone how’s it’s done boating this 233lber on a sinker sardine set up.   Then they took a mid day break, but we were definitely planning on  a late afternoon attack. Before you knew it we had 5 to 8 going on beautiful 60-160lber’s and a token 205lber taken by Steve sowden (his second cow of the trip). The bite lasted about two hours and it was  two hours of straight high adrenalin fast pace fishing. Some bites came fast and some you had to work at but the opportunity was as good as it gets. When the smoke cleared we ended up the day with twenty eight good grade tuna from 60-233lbs and limits of smiles. Like all fisherman we can’t get enough so we are staying put in hopes of a repeat tomorrow. Keeping the faith The guys

not feeling the love

Rolling into this morning we were pretty confident with the last couple AM’s we’ve had. Come to find out we had a little change in conditions when bite time was normally starting. Although sometimes the fish don’t always mind but in today’s case they didn’t show up to the party. As it became full light out we had only a couple fish to show. So with things changing we are making a little move in hopes of change for the better. Trying to stay cool The guys

Friday the 3th

As we all know most of us have our own superstitions about Friday the thirteenth but today some of us threw those out the window. Mike hogan (top) got it started this morning with the first cow of the trip on the PL68 amongst several others on the jig as well. Once again it was a faster pace bite the couple hours of morning darkness until the sun came over the horizon. Throughout the day we were able to pick on the kite and watch some incredible shows of jumping tuna.  Steve Sowden put aboard his personal best with a 206lber during a downpour rain squall and couldn’t be happier.  When the sun went down we managed to boat 23 beautiful tuna from 120-206lbs.

A great day for some of us superstitious types, so we are spending the night to test our luck again.

Enjoying the weather

The guys


Mike Hogansteve sowden