We Need Everyone to Help! Public Comment – Bluefin

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On Thursday, July 24th NOAA submitted a notice to the Federal Register petitioning the prohibition of Pacific bluefin tuna fishing.

Public comments in response to the petition will be accepted until September 22nd, 2014.

It is critical that you submit comments in response to the proposed management changes. 

To see the petition click here. Or here for a .pdf.


We HIGHLY recommend you submit a comment via mail on letterhead. This method often has more weighted value than electronic submissions and is more likely to be read. 

  • Mail: Submit written comments to: Mark Helvey, NMFS West Coast Region, 501 W. Ocean Blvd., Ste. 4200, Long Beach, CA 90802. Attn: Pacific Bluefin Tuna.

All comments will generally be posted to http://www.regulations.gov without change. All Personal Identifying Information (name, address, etc.) voluntarily submitted by the commenter may be publicly accessible. NMFS will also accept anonymous comments (enter “N/A” in the required fields if you wish to remain anonymous).


Please make an effort to include the following in your comment:

  • Name (unless you want to be anonymous)
  • Occupation (owner of CPFV vessel? Operator? Crew?)
  • Experience in the industry (number of years, etc.)
  • How does fishing for Pacific bluefin tuna affect you? Your business?
  • How would closing access to Pacific bluefin tuna affect you? Your business?
  • How important is the opportunity to catch Pacific bluefin tuna?
  • Do you rely on the opportunity to catch Pacific bluefin tuna for business?
  • In your professional opinion, is the Pacific bluefin stock down or up as compared to historical averages?
  • In any given year, do you observe (not necessarily catch) multiple sizes of fish (a diversity of age-classes)? Or just one age-class? (the more age-class diversity we see =  healthier stock)
  • Are there given years where Pacific bluefin sustains your business (when yellowfin is not present)?
  • Comment on this being a relatively low retention fishery in US waters
  • Typically, do you fish for Pacific bluefin every year? (this is important to make regulators understand you don’t fish for it every year)

We encourage ALL individuals who could be impacted (family members, crew, etc) to submit a comment – the more comments = more support. Spread the word.

If you have any questions on how to submit a comment, please call the SAC office.

Team Toki/Diawa Trip returns

The guys had a nice mix of tuna and yellowtail to sort out at the top of the dock this morning.  A huge thanks to Toki Ouchi (and his lovely daughter-helper, Yumi) for assembling this great group of anglers.  Also thank you to Diawa for their generosity, it is much appreciated!  Diawa rep Mr Takahashi donated 6 demo Diawa rods (not yet out on the market – one of which caught Andrew’s jackpot fish) and demo Diawa reel and one was raffled off along with spectra cutters which were given to the crew.  Thank you!

Congrats to jackpot winners:

1st place:    Andrew Ratzky          36.5lb  tuna

2nd place:   Richard Root             36.0lb tuna

Capt Ray still has the wheel and they turned around for an Accurate sponsored 5 day trip – Gary Teraoka is representing for this Harry and Roger special





The guys reported a fair day of fishing today with everyone catching at least two tuna and a few yellowtail as well – they have nice weather and one more day which is a great combination…

Fishing Club returns

Thanks to the Huntington Harbour Rod and Reel Club for coming fishing – they had a nice trip with mixed tuna averaging 20lbs and smaller yellowtail.

Congrats to Day 1 jackpot winners

Rob Henson   36lb tuna

Scot Campbell   36lb tuna

Mike Odell      36lb tuna

and Day 2 jackpot winner

Bill Larkin   37lb tuna

Off again today on another 2.5 day charter headed up by Toki Ouchi with some Diawa giveaways

Thank you!


7/23 & 7/24

Even in the choppy weather, we still managed to put together a good day of tuna fishing yesterday and today we’re up in local waters putting together another nice one with the local fishing potpourri

See you in the morning at 6am



The boat returned from this 1.5 day trip, once again with a beautiful catch of yellowtail and tuna.  What a great bunch of people, many who had tried the American Angler for the first time and some who tried ocean fishing for the first time….including Jackpot winner James with his 117lb tuna (wow).  Of course, the only thing there is now he’ll think that’s the norm!!


Thanks so much everyone – we appreciate you coming onboard,

American Angler

The guys will be heading out for a 2.5 day charter later today – the Huntington Harbor Rod and Reel Club


PS  To everyone on today’s trip – if you’d like to hop back on the trip that came back this morning – please call or email Lori so she can pencil you in for the trip because it will fill quickly.


Camp Newton Home

This collection of family and friends all have one common thread – Skip – and he brought them together to spend a couple of days on the water.  What a super group of folks ready to adventure and from his sweet wife Meg to his grandkids flown in from Hawaii to all the first timer gals that caught their first ocean fish – everyone came onboard with positive attitudes and ready for whatever happened.

newton charter






Congrats to jackpot winner Jason Hurst with his 33.5lb tuna

Thank you and see you next summer !

American Angler

We have one more 1.5 day trip today – sign in by 2pm for a 4pm departure.  See you all this afternoon


good times

There was something for everyone today – great offshore fishing on tuna, yellowtail and nice weather with a group made up of many first timers…..experiencing a  day of sport fishing at it’s finest.  A definite memory maker!



Kens Custom Reels Returns

This short trip had a variety of folks onboard and they caught a variety of species as well.  There were friends, father-daughter, father-sons, uncle-nephew, grandfather – grandkids, husband-wife…..teens and kids and women – regulars and first timers.  What a great chance for all to spend time with each other.

The highlight of the trip was Rose’s 103lb Opah and looks like Molly enjoyed her first trip on the AA

Rose Brian Opah Molly dorado

Happy Anniversary Ken and Danielle

The guys are taking off today for a 1.5 day charter headed up by Skip Newton.  Skip has rounded up family & friends to help him celebrate a milestone bday.

American Angler