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The American Angler will have a booth at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach from Wed. March 7 – Sun March 11. The whole gang will be there so if you are in the neighborhood stop by …. book a... Read More


Groundhog Day More good action on the water for the guys today which tapered off in the afternoon but resulted in 17 tuna 100-180#.  They are still appreciating the favorable weather and have one... Read More


It’s been consistent for Ken’s group as once again they had a fine day on the water with 22 fish 100-150#s and feeling favored with still nice weather.... Read More


Another really nice one for the guys with all day action on 100 – 150#ers.  Everyone is happy, having a great time and they have decent weather.... Read More


The guys checked in reporting a huge day with good fishing on #100 – #150ers and big fish honors go to Mike Nagao with a #287 and Ben Hernandez with a #205. Weather is still beautiful and sounds... Read More


The guys had good fishing yesterday on mostly average #140 fish with Chong’s standout  – a #216.  The weather is gorgeous and everyone is having a great time.... Read More


The fleet is still having internet issues down below, and while it seems like the provider is closer to a solution, for this trip they will have to relay the report to us via iridium phone. For first... Read More