May jpThe guys returned this morning – unloaded their catch at a leisurely pace as there was no other dock activity.  Many repeats for next season’s trip and what a great gang of guys.  Thank you

Congrats to jackpot winners:

1st place    Don Galusha   207lbs (one of two 200lbers caught within 15 minutes of each other)

2nd place   John Arndt     204lbs

3rd place    Charles Shaffer   195lbs

Honorable Mention:  Galen Steward   250lbs

Appreciate everyone coming out and look for posts beginning next weekend when Captain Ray takes the reigns for an 8 day departing on Saturday, May 23.

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We had tough conditions again today as it took everybody’s best to remain poised and not  get frustrated. The current was ripping as strong as we have ever seen it down here which resulted in giant spectra ball tangles. If it wasn’t for this group’s cohesiveness and the crew’s patience, it could have been worse. We lost a few big ones and boated some smaller ones as the whole group poses with Charlie’s 191lb fish as a token of this groups unity.

photo3 The guys


photo2Fishing has been tough, but on the other hand we have been able to stay in one place and fish for quality tuna and not be bothered too much by sharks. We scratched all day one at a time but there was always the chance that your next bait would be eaten by a quality fish. John Arndt did his time at the rail and caught a nice 165 lb fish in the morning and then stuck with it and was rewarded with this nice 204 pound beauty.

The guys


We’re still scratching fish but very fortunate to be able open the hatch, coupled with the fact that everyone is getting along well and we have beautiful weather.  We had tuna up to 240lbs and hoping for a better day tomorrow

The Guys






Pretty tough fishing again for the fleet as 5 fish over a hundred was all we could muster. All of our regulars aboard get it as all we can do is keep moving and trying. We did not have opportunities for any kodak moments so we through in a few pictures of our regulars. Wish us luck para mañana thanks.

The guys





We boated a few good fish in the dark but after daylight we struggled. There was sign of life but that nice grade of fish that we were scratching at, never came around. One 65lb fish later….. we took off in search for greener pastures.  Bill Graham was spent after doing a great job on his 175lb fish this morning as the ones we got were quality but there just is not enough of them.

The guys


Scratch fishing all day long with a few moments of glory has been the name of the game so far this trip – extremely hard work and rail time has been the key to success. Don Galusha was this morning’s hot shot with two fish that weighed over two hundred pounds each. Luck? I do not think so as he hooked both of them fishing live tuna for bait. Galen Steward has big fish honors so far with his 250 lb fish that was boated mid day. Over all it is tough fishing but there has been enough sign around of 110 lb to 160 lb fish to keep it interesting.


The guys



We scratched all day and the fruits of our labor were thirteen tuna from 110 – 195lbs and a couple of handfuls of 40-80lbers as well.  Charles Shaffer gets big fish honors today shown with his Uncle Ed in the photo op.


The guys