8-29-2015 fish report

On point!

We blasted offshore last night with sign of fish out here however not biting very good for the guys yesterday. Well timing is everything sometimes, fishing was much better for all of the long range guys today. We ended our day with everybody on the boat landing at least 1 or 2 bluefin ranging 30 to 50lb. The weather forecast is for it to keep freshening up, we’ll see how it looks in the morning but for now it’s get a nap and do it again tomorrow. The photos of the day are of Jeremy, Alex and Gary.

Good night. The guys



8-28-2015 fish report

Beautiful Day.

We are starting the first day of a 5 day with our James Gang, we took the coastal route today and late in the afternoon between a couple of fishing spots we put a nice day together on good grade Yellowtail. You can tell by the photos of the of John and Gary posing with their Yellows how  nice it was out here on our ocean. Were going to blast offshore for the next couple of days and hope for some good luck.

Good night for now. The guys




The Seeker group returned this morning and had the luck of the draw with beautiful weather and great fishing conditions for the entire trip.  Thanks to Pat Doyle for representing this trip with a wonderful  group and generous giveaways

congrats to JP winners!

1st. Scott Levy.        45.8lbs

2nd. Ryan Kvitli.       44.4lbs

3rd.  Chris Mcclary.    42.7lbs


James Hardware Gang headed out today.        Big shout out to Sara Samarin for taking care of business today!!!

American Angler










We started out on the coast and scratched away at good grade yellows. Marlene McClary and Skip Newton with the help of the guys represent what an enjoyable morning is all about. With dorado on the brain we went offshore and had a few kelps that had life as we weeded through small tuna to catch many of these large specimens of acrobatics. Paulie Backes as always is right in the mix and seems to get more then his share. As always Pat Doyle does a classy job representing Seeker Rods and this is by far and away our most mellow group of the year.




We had another great day of fishing as it seems like after our first day of catching everything else has fallen into place. A lot of our good fortune has to do with our great weather which has made things a lot easier. Today in the morning the lighting was tough but eventually we found a good kelp that was loaded with fish. We caught a decent grade of yellowfin tuna, dorado, yellowtail and even a bonus wahoo as there were a few more in the water.

The guys



We stopped and got in a productive afternoon fishing yellows. After a few drifts we went and caught some bait for use later in the trip. We still have great weather and morale is as good as it gets. The guys


We had an epic day of wahoo fishing down below which in modern times does not really come that often. With all the fleet running mid to longer trips it is tricky to find the right timing for a window of opportunity to run down below. Reading this every angler wants to be here but many times it is tough due to everyone’s schedule. This trip it worked out great as the place had many days rest, the weather is flat calm, and we had lots of wire. Today was a tackle shops dream as there was non stop action from the time we got here to the time we left. The water was exceptionally warm which also meant lots of shark activity and losses. With that being said we realize how lucky we really are for this day of angling and the opportunity for a shot at these big “gators”. Father son team Ryan and Tom enjoyed the moment and the gaff shot leaves us all wishing we were the one getting our tag ready to put on that guy.

The guys




The word Enjoy pretty much described how our action went this morning. The fishing was not wide open but it was steady enough on school sized and topped with the great weather it is tough to beat. Paul Kelleher,Bill Lamson,and Pat Doyle are part of this Seeker group that has enjoyed each other’s company for many years.

The guys photo5


Tough fishing today as our in between zone for our long range fleet still proves to be stingy. The occasional dorado,yellowtail or throw back sized tuna was about all we could come up with. Scott Levy shows off part of today’s catch as our group continues to have a good time.

The guys


Uesugi-Kimura 7 day home

Capt. Ray Lopez returned with this group of family and friends after a trip of great fishing, company and weather…the perfect combination.

A huge thanks to Russ Kimura and Michelle Uesugi-Fonoimoana for all they do to put the trip together.  Also very appreciative for the generosity of Matt Salas, Don Kuroye – Blackwater, Pat Todd from Calstar, Fisherman’s Processing and Five Star fish processing.

Congrats to jackpot winners!

1st place    Uncle Russ       162lb rod and reel Swordfish

2nd place    Steve Leonhart    40.2lb yft

3rd place     “Coach” Jay Uchiumi   27lb yft

Uesugi-Kimura 2015 jp



Can’t wait til next year – thank you all!  And a big hello to Uncle George from all the crew and passengers


American Angler

Seeker 7 day on their way…..