11-22-15 return

The boat returned late this morning and the tuna were beautiful…from school size to 253#,  Thanksgiving  just got interesting.

Congrats to big fish jp winners:

1st place  Steve Leonhart      253lbs

2nd place  Doug Rodricks       195lbs

3rd place  Jay Love                156lbs

Disqualified due to lack of jp funds     Mr Randall 241lbs

Kens 12 day 2015


We arranged the schedule a little different this season to give the guys a few days home with their family and friends during this holiday time and after thanksgiving.  We depart again on Dec. 2 for the Seeker 14 day trip – see you then.

Thank you Ken and all of the wonderful anglers that were onboard – Happy Turkey Day to All!

American Angler

11-21-2015 final

Red at night!

Sailors delight, What a great ride up the last couple of days, not much to report other than giving the boat a detail cleaning and watching a bunch of college football for the gang. Time to say thanks to Ken Corwin our Super sponsor of this 12 day trip, as always great raffles prizes, a few rods and of course Kens Custom Reel t-shirts.

Thank you all. Your Crew, Sam, Brad, Andrew, Matt, Dave, James and Paul.

The guys


11-20-2015 update

Back on the grid

We have been traveling up the line the last couple days, and the weather has been pretty good, so not a bad ride at all. We stopped at the rocks this morning to break up the ride with no big hits for us – we picked up one Wahoo and small tuna with a few Marlin to release. Pictures are a couple shots of Doug and Bob from our Wednesday morning bite.

We are scheduled to arrive home on Sunday so we will update our ETA tomorrow afternoon sometime. That’s all we have to report at this time.

Calm Seas ahead. The guys




11-17-2015 fish report

Different Day, hate to say it!

Today was what we hope, the windiest day of the trip and we have all seen good fishing in choppy weather but I’m going to play the weather card today. It seems there is fish still here and yes we did catch fish today but they were very hard to hook and few and far between. The photo of the day is Darren with one of his fish right at dark.  Tomorrow is our last day here and then it’s time to burn rubber back, so we would love to finish it with a bang.

Good night, Over and Out!

The guys


11-16-2015 fish report

Picking Away!

Things are still good down here just a little different conditions today then the past couple, nothing new there. The wind is up today and it looks like breezy conditions tomorrow so we are going to hit it hard in the morning and get back at it. Big Fish today Bill’s 241lb Tuna and nice shot of Morgan and the boys. Good night. The guys



11-15-2015 fish report

Things are looking up!

Well all we can say today is, our timing seems to be good. Steady action on a little better grade fish most being that 80 to 110 lb Tuna and today’s  jackpot goes to Steve Leonhart with his 253lb cow. Jay Love had a 152 lb fish and Mr. Saylors a 142 lb tuna when things were all said and done for the day. A few days left hope to keep the ball rolling.

Good night, over and out!




11-14-2015 fish report

We made it!

Today was the first day of fishing for us after leaving San Diego a few days ago. We had windy conditions the first few hundred miles but on the last leg the weather has been very nice as it was today. Fair action on Tuna today, the biggest caught by Larry at 132 lb.  We hope to continue to pick away at these fish the next few days so we will check in from time to time.

Good night.







The guys returned this morning after an 8 day trip which dealt with more than their fair share of  weather – and we are grateful for these angling troupers for keeping it positive!

Congrats to jackpot winners

1st place  Paul Kodama            45.2lb Wahoo

2nd place  Ken Mochizuki          44.4lb Wahoo

3rd place      Kevin Miller          31.8lb YFT

Honorable Mention:    Richard Jones      46.4lb Wahoo



Thank you everyone!  We have a 12 day trip departing early tomorrow morning sponsored by none other than our good friend Ken Corwin….


American Angler


Waking up to some more beautiful weather, kept the smiles big as we headed into the last morning. Right after daylight the yellows showed signs of wanting to play but was short lived and a

scratchy morning on yellowtail with a sprinkling of halibut is how it played out to be and

it was a nice way to break up the ride home. Everyone enjoyed being able to stretch their legs and soak a line. After a few hours of fishing it was time to wrap it up and enjoy a beautiful flat calm ride home.

Living Good

The guys

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