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Capt. Ray showed some mad docking skills this morning as they were greeted with the wind howling upon arrival.  They unloaded a very quality catch of 100 – 240# tuna and the passengers worked ... Read More


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The guys reported slow fishing again today – with a few highlights including John Haskin’s TWO cows at 202 and 210# and newcomer Stan Kanow with a 239.5# One more day here on the grounds b... Read More


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The guys checked in reporting slower fishing today resulting in a handful today, including David Geller’s 208#.  Weather still less than optimal but everyone is well and they are ready for a di... Read More


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The guys reported nice steady fishing on 100 – 200+ fish with most coming in between 140-190#s.  Stand outs included Rick Okuni 200.5, Mark Kanow with a double banger 209 and a 234, John Haskin... Read More


We started things off today with a decent day of 17 fish ranging from 100-188lbs with Bryce having the standout at 235#. Looking forward to tomorrow and what it brings – along with a new year o... Read More