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The guys are traveling down uneventfully.  We are still working on the wi fi situation and many hours of work which has included installing brand new equipment, so it’s only a matter of time be... Read More


The boat returned with a fantastic catch of 70 – 285#tuna with much friendly banter at the top of the dock while sorting the catch.  Thanks to Accurate for the abundant loaner gear and the... Read More


The guys are on their way home after a successful fishing trip which included some very nice trophies and happy folks.  The weather is choppy but everyone is doing well and they are making their wa... Read More


Today was more about quality  than quantity – bites were hard to come by but if you did get one, chances are it would result in the fish of a lifetime.  Michael Sengotta, who traveled fro... Read More


The guys checked in to report that fishing was slower today but did have a rally at dark with Kambiz catching the first in the low twos.  All is well.... Read More


The guys have checked in  – comms are down.  They are having a great time and everyone onboard has been catching fish over the past few days.  Weather is fantastic and the group is cohesive a... Read More