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The 5 day Accurate trip returned this morning – a huge thanks to our  friend and sponsor, Gary Teraoka, for all the effort he puts into this trip and of course to both he and Jack Nilsen of A... Read More


We are fortunate enough to have the best regulars ever as no matter what we catch they are understanding and know that we always try our best. Even though there has been moments of glory, offshore fis... Read More


Today we started on the coast and had some Yellowtail action and afterwards  went offshore and found  life on kelps. It sure seems like in the last couple of days there is more and more sign of tuna... Read More


We spent the day on the anchor scratching away at the yellows and everyone aboard had plenty of action. Alfred, Brian, Mike, and John are best of friends and stoked to be fishing together. The guys... Read More


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It’s been a travel day with beautiful weather – check back tomorrow.  Everyone is in high spirits and doing well. American Angler... Read More


Sounds like a repeat but it actually seems like a good dream when we once again woke up to beautiful weather. Weather and water conditions are more than half the battle and with that on your side it ... Read More


Today we were once again blessed with great weather and fantastic water conditions. With these variables on our side and if you throw in a few fish, it equates to a good time had by all. Using smiles... Read More


The guys downstairs had a ball today as they took advantage of the great weather and water conditions. We never had wide open fishing but it was steady enough that if you worked at it one could get pl... Read More