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We enjoyed another mixed bag today as we caught a different variety of fish depending on which locale we tried. The morning started off slow, scratching a few yellows here and there but we stumbled on... Read More


Today was our variety day as we caught a little bit of everything – a few dorado, tuna, yellowtail and some wahoo were in the mix – just like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. Regul... Read More


We spent the day picking away at good grade yellows which is some of the most fun style fishing that we do.  Flyline baits was the preferrred technique and the byproduct of  that always seems to be ... Read More


We got off to a fantastic start on this the trip as we were able to get on some tuna right out of the gate. It was therapeutic to see a few fish on machines- turn the boat-get a jig strike- stop the b... Read More


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Izorline trip returned this morning with great fishing and amazing wildlife stories.  Thanks to Ernie and Roy for representing Izorline and for everyone coming out fishing! Jackpot winners: 1st Lee T... Read More


Happy Campers Heading into our last morning nothing but good and positive vibes filled the air and for many of us this has been one of the most memorable trips under our belts with the cherry on top... Read More


Keeping it rolling Even though we woke up to breezy conditions it did not affect us at all today. From the time we arrived to our destination, till late in the day these beautiful grade yellows kept u... Read More


Good times We are taking advantage of the good weather before the wind blows and in today’s case we utilized every opportunity we had.  With a lot of luck on our side we were able to string a f... Read More