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Working hard Highs and lows would be the best way to sum up today and that was from daylight til evening that we experienced good fishing/slow fishing. Not knowing when they were going to bite, you pr... Read More


After very breezy conditions rolling down yesterday, today we finally reached the fishing grounds right around lunch.  Not wasting any time, the gang went right to work and for the most part we enjoy... Read More


The Catchy Tackle trip returned with beautiful catch of yellowtail and wonderful folks and they enjoy each other’s company because all but a couple signed back up for next year’s trip. Tha... Read More


We stopped just for a bit to break up the ride and catch a few fish to take home and eat. It worked out that everybody caught a few and had a good time. Our Catchy Tackle trip leader, John Grindley, ... Read More


This morning we were back on the Yellowtail grounds having a good time. The Castro family displays some of the end results while Charlie Boyd and Bill Eckles put bends in their long rods. It has been ... Read More


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We went in to the beach looking for exotics but never found anything to boast about. What we did do is spend the day prospecting around and every time we stopped, we had no idea what we would catch. W... Read More


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We had a great time again as ocean conditions provided us with steady Yellowtail action for most of the day.  With nice weather, all the action was surface orientated – flylined sardines and ... Read More


We arrrived at our destination mid day and with the nice weather we were able to scratch at some good grade yellows. Tried to get some of the guys in a photo but as you can see we could not get every... Read More


Rocky’s Opener returns – The guys pulled in early with a beautiful catch of quality yellowtail, a handful of yellowfin and  a few Bluefin for variety.  Thank you to Rocky Opliger for hi... Read More