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After a tough day on the offshore grounds, we were all ready to blow off some steam and enjoy steady fishing. We woke up to good weather and the fish did not disappoint and were eager to cooperate. No... Read More

High Expectations

After yesterday’s float day, with the entire fleet having good fishing, we were licking our chops and looking forward to a big day. Once we arrived on the grounds, we found it difficult to find ... Read More


Today is the kind of day we all who enjoy the oceans unpredictability, live for. Zero wind, flat calm and greasy weather, running on spots of jumping bluefin, sliding in on the closest spot as we flyl... Read More

Good Times

After driving around the previous afternoon without stopping, we opted to go into an area where we can shut the boat down and just fish. We started right at daylight and enjoyed flurry type fishing pr... Read More

Always Changing

With the weather backing off, we thought it would be a cinch & no brainer that we would be moving from tuna school to tuna school. When we arrived on the grounds it was still a little choppy, but... Read More


Arriving on scene a few hours after daylight, we had high hopes after hearing some of the other guys and their morning drifts – we were very excited. Needless to say…. we were late to that... Read More