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Today we went back for yellowtail – searched but no luck – so we we just kept cruising spots all day and finally ended up the day by finding a batch of premiums….not everyone got luc... Read More


The weather came down and the bluefin bit, 18-30lbers which were perfect size for a fun day of fishing for all. We saw sign of those bigger fish that bit a few days ago, and what a great day we had. L... Read More

The Next Best Thing

Because the weather is very choppy offshore, we gave it a break and worked inside close to the beach where it was more comfortable. We saw plenty of yellows but it was very frustrating as they were on... Read More


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The boat will arrive at 5:30am tomorrow morning- check for jackpot pictures and more pictures tomorrow. Everyone on the Catchy Tackle 8 day, please sign in from 7 – 9am at the latest. Remember t... Read More

call from the bridge

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Just received a call from the guys – they wanted to let everyone know they have 25 bfts on deck up to 87lbs with fish going. Check back tonight for post and pictures…..and remember, we had... Read More