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5 Day Trip home

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Capt. Brian backed the boat in early from a great combo trip – great fishing, great weather and a combo of regulars and folks new to the boat. What a pleasure everyone was – thank you! The... Read More

Going To The Game

Over the years most of us have gone to the ballgame several times. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to get someone’s cherished season tickets behind home plate and other times we have sat in th... Read More

Half The Battle

We began our morning in the gray looking for a good temperature edge to start on but found no fish. There was a little sign of fish right at daylight… but they disappeared in short order. Our fl... Read More

The last hoorah

With one day of fishing left, we crossed our fingers that today we would end it with a bang. Having struggled a little yesterday, we put on our game faces and went to work. By mid morning you definite... Read More