Getting a head start with our yellowtail yesterday, we made another pit stop to try and add a few more notches on the belt. As mid morning came upon us so did the sign of fish as we went from driving around to stopped keeping 6-10 going on 12-18lb yellows. Wolf packs of fish chasing surface irons all the way to the boat and casted baits being eaten right on the corner, it was quite the show. We felt like we had our share and so picked it up and kept her pointed south on the hunt for new species. Today’s shot includes some of our long time Oceanside veterans sharing a smile for the loved ones back home.

Keeping the ball rolling

The guys

Nice Start

As we jumped right into another year with the ken’s custom reel gang we decided to put on the brakes and get the sweat off with a little yellowtail action and even though the wind was up and conditions were very tough, the gang did an excellent job of adapting. Flurry type fishing on all yellowtail techniques kept us busy for a few hours  – through the better half of the afternoon and with fish ranging from 16-25lbs it was a great way to start. With everyone using a few tags and getting the bugs out we are continuing our journey down the line. Bill McDonough and capt Dave show off one his days yellows taken on the yo-yo jig.

Looking for more,

The guys

More of the same

Art jeff + pass walterWhen you are out on the ocean on a daily basis everyday can be so different and change at any time. The last couple of days things for us were very much the same, good schools of Tuna that were very hard to hook, if able to hook any on various stops. The Yellowtail were on a morning schedule which current conditions slacked off right before lunchtime. So when this one is all said and done we got lucky on the premium Yellowtail and some Tuna to go with it. It’s time to say thank you to our sponsor Mike Naoe for all his guys and some cool raffles throughout the trip. Also to the gang for joining us as well.

Thank You Your Crew

Sam, Ray, Andrew, Jeff, Brad, Nick and Paul


Limits of Wind

Well its not a secret the wind is up and looks like a couple more days of it so that’s just what happens this time of year. Still very good sign of Yellowfin out here at our local Island but they were not in a good mode however there is some nice grade Yellowtail to fill the gaps while the Tuna get back to the bite. Yellowtail fishing was a lot better Than our tuna fishing for sure but we’ll just see what kinda mood they will be in tomorrow. We are anchored up in the Lee of the Island for the night and the gang is going to give it their all in the morning.

Good night and sleep tight,

The AA Gang

mike n mike g zach

Working Hard

Today was one of those days when you have to give it your all (The crew) to find anything, these guys looked from sunrise to sunset to find just a few Kelps to stop on today. The weather picked up early in the morning and I’m telling you it was hard to find something floating. But hats off to my crew, they did their job but just never found the Super Kelp to get fixed up on these Dorado. We did scrape up some here and there for a total 20 fish for the day, it just wasn’t the right day for us. Thank all of the gang for trying so hard today. The AA gang

Jeff Yamane charter

The guys returned with a nice day’s catch and everyone had their coolers and ice on hand.

Thank you Jeff for putting this trip together and for surrounding us with such nice folks!  We look forward to the trip next Sept.

They left this afternoon for one last 1.5 day trip – check back

Also just had a cancellation on tomorrow’s (Thurs 25th) 2.5 day trip if you can break away!


American Angler




By the skin of our teeth we were able to call this trip a success. We fished for the nicer grade yellowfin and by 9:30 we only had three fish aboard, but through sheer luck we happened to be at the right place at the right time and found a stop where they were biting quickly for an extended amount of time. Everyone aboard landed a couple with some of our hot sticks approaching USA limits.  This stop saved the day

The guys

eta for Yamane charter tomorrow is 6:15am and one more 1.5 day trip signing in at 2pm with a 4pm departure.  Check back for this trip’s report

American Angler

ASHRAE 1.5 charter

We were very fortunate to have the sea condition and weather calm down as by the time the sun came up this morning it was flat calm. We had a steady morning on mixed grade yellowfin tuna with mid morning being best. Things changed around lunchtime when the sign of fish went away and the fleet spread out and started looking around. We got in an area in the afternoon where we were seeing fish that did not want to bite. For some reason unknown to man kind we hit a batch of fish that stuck with the boat for the last couple of hours of the day. Our fearless leader Terry Watkins endured several missed gaff attempts that eventually ended up good by his friend Hugh Egan who is claiming number one of something.

The guys

ETA 6:45