The guys checked in and wanted us to know that the group is doing well and it sounds like they had a nice finish to the trip and are headed North to arrive in San Diego on Thursday morning.  At tha... Read More


Captain Ray checked in tonight to let us know that things turned around and everyone had an opportunity to catch today.  4 cows  – Jan 204#, Planet  213# Doc  #217,  and Charlie with a... Read More


While fishing was slow yesterday, report from boat today sounds like they’ve rallied.  Again they want to let us know that everyone is doing well and check back tonight for report…Jan has... Read More


The guys checked in to let us know that everyone is doing well but they struck out in the fishing arena and hoping for redemption tomorrow…... Read More


The guys are traveling down uneventfully.  We are still working on the wi fi situation and many hours of work which has included installing brand new equipment, so it’s only a matter of time be... Read More


The boat returned with a fantastic catch of 70 – 285#tuna with much friendly banter at the top of the dock while sorting the catch.  Thanks to Accurate for the abundant loaner gear and the... Read More