Ken’s 7 day returns.

As a bystander in the wings when this trip returned, it was fantastic to watch the folks unload fish for many reasons – the catch was magnificent as was the manner in which this entire group treated each other while working side by side.   This is really what it’s all about – and they did while all lingered at the top of the dock (when usually everyone scatters quickly).   Thank you to our much loved leaders and the fabric of the American Angler, Ken Corwin and Wes Cogan of Ken’s Custom Reels in Oceanside, CA, we are grateful for our partnership.

Congrats to jackpot winners and Kristyn’s yellowtail – a fish of a lifetime in anyone’s book and one of the largest yellowtail caught in Western Pacific for sure.

1st place:  Brian Uyesugi    143#

2nd place:  Kristyn Lindhart 140# + YT 80.5#

3rd place    Art Lange  134#