The guys returned with a very nice catch including yellowtail, wahoo and a few tuna.  We want to extend our gratitude to Russ Kimura and Michelle Uesugi-Fonoimoana for all their work putting this won... Read More


Li-Wei and Kevin’s  trip returned from a very productive 7 days.  Yt, tuna and wahoo were on the menu and everyone was in high spirits.  Thanks guys for putting this together and we will see ... Read More


Kevin Yonei and Li-Wei Liao were responsible for putting together the majority of the group and they did a great job. With our regulars taking up a few of the remaining spots everything was a total su... Read More


Sometimes we have trips where everything comes together and for those of us aboard this was one of them. We have guys that have been fishing together for a long time and a few new to the group, but o... Read More