We struggled all trip with current conditions and finally on our last day of fishing we enjoyed steady current. With the good conditions came steady fishing as we had fish hooked all day long. Mike Ba... Read More


We enjoyed the most awesome weather one would see down here as it was grease calm and no wind condition. There was good current all day but the problem was these fish did not cooperate until the afte... Read More


It seems when we fish down at the “bank” quite often the phrase “no wonder they named it “hurricane bank” comes up as being over 400 mi offshore it can quite often be ch... Read More


Today was pretty much the repeat from the day before where we had to deal with tough current related fishing conditions, but the pay off is worth it. At times it was impossible to get a bait out away ... Read More


Hard work was today’s name of the game as there was either no current or a trickle of straight into 15-18knt of breeze that we had most of the day.  It was tough getting a bait out to the zone... Read More


The Avet trip returned with gorgeous 60# -248# tuna.  This group has been fishing together for many years now and it’s like family when they part at the top of the dock after taking care of ... Read More