Loving the Weather Just when we thought we were lined up with the weather in our favor, the fishing conditions fell on its face. Very frustrating time at the rail today with most of it just trying to... Read More


Small samples After rolling down in very breezy conditions, we were very thankful to start off fishing today in much improved weather and even though we can’t say the fishing matched our weather... Read More


The guys returned for a cold, stormy unloading which didn’t seem to faze anyone, as they got to work.  A huge thanks to Gary Teraoka who is always a generous and enthusiastic rep for Accurate a... Read More


We heard from the boat today – they wanted to let us know that they are in nice weather and will be behind this storm as they make their way home and everyone is doing well. American Angler... Read More


Another report through code boats and it sounds like the guys are having a good morning with  3 cows in the catch.  The weather is having trouble deciding whether to be naughty or nice but it is dec... Read More


Today the guys had nice fishing with continued quality grade – big fish honors go to Russ Hanano and Mark Johnson with their over #200lbers and the weather was beautiful.  Still no internet but... Read More


We received word that the guys scratched out a decent day of quality fish yesterday.  Weather is a little choppy but not too bad and they have a couple more days to put this trip all together and ev... Read More


Modern technology has not been on our side the past few days as the boat’s wifi is not working.  We have received word through Jeff on the Indy that all is well and while fishing is slow, the o... Read More