The James Hardware Gang returned from a very productive tuna trip with beautiful grade fish up to 95lbs.  To David Samarin, our enormous gratitude for spending the year creating, organizing and then ... Read More


Keeping it rolling What can I say, this a good week to be catching Tuna.  More good grade Bluefin and Yellowfin for the gang, best time was morning till lunch for us. The photos of the day are of the... Read More


Making it happen. Every day is different and things changing throughout the day is the norm. But when the sunset tonight the tally board had more hash marks in the right columns. Again the grade of fi... Read More


So far so good. We got a start on our fishing today, to be honest the morning things didn’t look all that great as far as hooking these things. By mid morning we headed off in our own directio... Read More


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The Seeker trip returned this morning – a big thanks to Pat Doyle for representing. Congrats to jackpot winners below: 1st  Darren Sato   37.2lb yt 2nd Scott Levy    36lb yt 3rd Ric Wonder... Read More


We found some action today as we had a few stops on yellowtail that kept us entertained. Pat Doyle who represents Seeker rods is probably one of the nicest, most generous and selfless reps that we car... Read More