Today’s fishing can be described as a slow scratch and even though most of the day there was sign of better fish racing around, you had to really work at it to get a bite. As always we must kee... Read More


We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to enjoy another nice day of big tuna fishing. We caught a few less fish than yesterday but the trade off was today’s beautiful average grade. Ov... Read More


We had a fantastic day where things all came together. The weather was great,the morale on deck was 100 percent team oriented, and of course the catching helped as we enjoyed steady fishing all day lo... Read More


We have had an enjoyable ride down and cannot wait to start fishing. The cribbage tournament always is a big hit and this years game was as competitive as always. In the end the duo of Hurricane Bill... Read More


Did you wrap up your taxes? You should celebrate by booking a 1.5 day trip on the American Angler – the crew is just itching to get out and fish local in May before their season starts. Fri &#8... Read More