Rocky’s Opener returns The guys had a nice variety with tuna, wahoo and yellowtail and after unloading their catch, many are going to redo this one next season. Congrats to jackpot winners 1st p... Read More


Finale As this one comes to an end of what’s been truly a unique trip, goals were high in hopes on getting some redemption. We found plenty of fish right off the bat, which was definitely not th... Read More


Potential As we find ourselves in the offshore scene for the next couple days, the excitement and anticipation was overwhelming. We started the day off in the zone where we had sign of yellowfin on th... Read More


Up and up After enduring a long bumpy ride last night, today we spent most the day heading up gaining altitude for future plans. Along the way we did make a pit stop to wet a line but found nothing ex... Read More


Good living The last few days we’ve had just a sample of yellowtail fishing, but today was no messing around and straight business. The gang wasted no time, going to work right after daylight ... Read More


Spring is the new fall After just finishing up on one of the most memorable wahoo seasons ever, today’s taste felt like it never ended. Harold Shuman got the day started with his first ever waho... Read More


Start up kit We arrived on scene just after lunch,  and positivity was high as our weather came down like a light switch. A few hours into getting a lay of the land though, we came to realize it ... Read More


We are kicking off the season’s first eight day and spent the day traveling down in a breezy conditions. It wasn’t exactly the best working weather, but we did manage to scrape up a coupl... Read More


  The guys returned this morning – unloaded their catch at a leisurely pace as there was no other dock activity.  Many repeats for next season’s trip and what a great gang of guys.... Read More