We all set goals for what we would like to accomplish and the same goes for us on the boat. We told ourselves that if we could catch 20 nice bluefin we would be stoked because where we were going abov... Read More


We got off to a great start as we were able to take advantage of the great local yellowfin bite and did good on the day of departure. It was total déjà vu many times today as I would unhook a fish l... Read More


We went looking for a few exotics to mix it up and had great conditions but only partial luck. We had beautiful blue 81-83 degree water, found a few kelps and ended up with a couple of handfuls of do... Read More


We looked at a lot of good grade fish today and even though they were eagerly jumping around the boat they were very difficult to hook. The guys that put in the time were rewarded with a nice 25-40lb ... Read More


After kind of having a free day yesterday by having great fishing on the day of departure we had the opportunity to go looking for bluefin in American waters. We ended up with a few other guys in our ... Read More