The guys returned from their 2.5 day with yellowtail and a gorgeous 73lb Opah. Appreciate everyone coming out! The boat got away from the dock before noon for a 5 day trip sponsored by Calstar –... Read More


This ocean never ceases to amaze us when it comes to just how fast it changes. So far the only consistent thing about this years fishing has been its inconsistency. We traveled further down the co... Read More


Last trip was tough because the fish did not want to bite but add some choppy weather in the mix and today was the end result. When we had to change zones today to get warmer water for example it just... Read More


The guys returned from their first of two 2.5 day trips – 50 mixed fish, mostly Bluefin – congrats to jackpot winner Fermin Diaz with a 62lb Bluefin!! They head back out for another 2.5 to... Read More


Once again we saw lots of fish in our travels today but Mother Nature can be very stingy when she wants to. Overall we are very thankful with our catch of 50 mixed fish which was comprised of mostly ... Read More


We left the dock with high expectations that the fish were changing their attitude as far as biting is concerned. With the choice of fish showing up in a few different areas we thought we would go the... Read More

Never Say Die

After running all afternoon yesterday and most of the day today we finally found what we were looking for. There were spots up, breaking fish and loose Sonar schools up. Again not very user friendly b... Read More