This Saturday’s celebration of life for Greg Muller will be at 11:30am at the Tunamen’s Memorial on Shelter Island Drive. If anyone has pictures they’d like to contribute to a collag... Read More

Seeker Trip Returns

The guys arrived this morning and there were enough tuna and wahoo to take home to everyone who will be waiting! A huge thanks to our rep., Pat Doyle, for his generosity and to Seeker. Check out the j... Read More


The guys checked in to let us know that today they had a lot of action on school sized tuna and added some nice yellowtail to the mix and so everyone that needed a few more fish for their family and f... Read More

We had driving-around style fishing today tagging school size tuna. In our search for better grade fish, we managed to hook a couple of bigger models, both epic battles in which the tuna won. Everyone... Read More

The guys spent yesterday traveling and today reached their new destination where things were in a lull upon their arrival producing a few 30-40lb tuna and they are hopeful for tomorrow.... Read More