Today we woke up and three nice fish out of our grey bite and after yesterday we were kind of bummed. Along with the fleet we had very high expectations but after a few hours after daylight we realize... Read More

Float Day

Fishing bluefin can be the most frustrating or rewarding fishing that we do. Although most of it has to do with right place at right time – intuition, fish sense, weather and most importantly ju... Read More


Several of us in the long range fleet left the dock yesterday and so we decided to spread out and try and get something located. We fanned out to look at the area “in between” the local zo... Read More


With good reports heading into today, we didn’t know what to expect. When we made it to the grounds the sun wasn’t even up yet and the rods started to bend. By mid morning this had become ... Read More

Another nice trip

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Capt. Lopez just checked in tonight with good news about today’s trip. They went from all morning action on yellowtail to action on Bluefin tuna to dark. When the smoke cleared they had great ye... Read More