On our way home

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The weather came up today and fishing was a little on the slow side – a couple handfuls of yellowtail and a few Bluefin…. but as the day wore on, the weather came down and now we’re ... Read More


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We went through the 1.5 day area where there had been plenty of fish to be found, but for us there was nothing but scraps. We went long and were fortunate in that it paid off and the crew did a great ... Read More

Limits of Fun

The guys had limits of yellowtail and 3 bluefin on this day and a half adventure that returned this morning. Congratulations to jackpot winner, Steven Samarin, with his 34lb bluefin! The crew is takin... Read More

Happy Times

Today was a bit different than yesterday – the grade of the fish was smaller, but we had bigger numbers. Call em 22 to 35 lbs and we did get a few of the 40 to 50lb fish early in the morning. To... Read More

Report for the day

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The guys called to update us on their 5 day trip….. 62 Bluefin today – still holding the title is Carl Olson with his 62 lber. Look for report and pics tomorrow….... Read More

Checking In

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The guys checked in to report 20 bluefin caught so far today, with big fish honors going to Carl Olson with a 62 lber and most of the rest of those being 25 – 35lbers. It’s a little breezy... Read More