Kens Custom Reels Trip Is Finally Home

As the guys began unloading giants this morning, it brought all those daily fish reports to life.
16 tuna over 200 pounds – 4 of those over 300lbs – nice mid range 100lbers – jackets and 100lb/200lb tshirts were flying out of the office this morning. A huge thanks to Ken Corwin, who loves to fish so much that he infects everyone around him with his passion….thank you for all you do! Also thanks to all the passengers who meshed and made the trip by working together for two weeks. See some of the boat pics below and check out jackpot winners:

1st place Cesar Zelay 320lb yft
2nd place Mark Ritchie 306lb yft
3rd place Mike Pigeon 302lb yft
honorable mention: Sailor Jack Esson 307lb yft

Our most excellent & hard working crew get only one day of rest – then it’s haul out & maintenance and the Long Beach Fred Hall Show (Wed March 6 – Sun March 10) – stop by and see them!

American Angler