Change It Up

We went looking for yellows today for a change of scenery. It took a better part of the morning to get situated with the proper conditions, but when we did – we had plenty of action. We had an i... Read More

Dream World

After all the wind and tough fishing conditions that we have endured this season, it sure is nice to experience the opposite. Daylight brought beautiful, no wind conditions and we were able to take ad... Read More


We looked at a lot of ocean today and it payed off in the late afternoon when we stumbled into a biting school of bluefin. When we first went into it, they were biting fast as most everyone had one on... Read More


We left on our annual Randall Lamb 1.5 charter with high hopes and swinging for the fence. We ended up going the distance hoping to find a biting school of blue fin or the bonanza yellowtail kelp, but... Read More